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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rain on Me

Those that know me know that I complain about what others wear when it rains (in addition to what others wear every day).  But rain seems especially bad - as if people can't quite figure out what to wear.  Or can't be bothered to.  So, a few friends have asked for this post.  What to wear when it rains: because your Denali zip-up over your suit looks idiotic.

You will need:

- Trench
- Shorter, light rain coat for warmer months
- Rain boots (aka "Wellies")
- Rain skimmers for warmer months
- Umbrella (ella, ella, eh....sorry, I couldn't help myself.  I always sing that when I hear that word).

Personally, I like a printed trench or umbrella vs. printed boots/skimmers.  I think it looks more chic.  However, the sister of The Glossy Goddess wears the below boots, with a short white rain coat (similar to mine), and a simple floral print black & white umbrella, and it works.  But be careful mixing prints - two at most, preferably one.

Trenches aren't super warm, even when lined, so layering and adding a scarf in colder months is a good idea.  Also, when it's truly too hot for a jacket, I'll just grab an umbrella or maybe even a colorful scarf to wrap around my hair, depending on the intensity of the rain.  I'll wear the scarf loosely, but will add some big earrings for a bit of glamour.  Additionally, I have this rain jacket to wear with sporty (gym) clothes.  Different rain wear is needed in order to be appropriate for the occasion.

Now, one more thing must be addressed:  what to wear under your outerwear.  I prefer skirts, dresses, leggings, or skinny pants/jeans.  Why?  Because no one wants to show up to work with either wet pants or creases in nice pants (from tucking into boots).  It's unprofessional and unbecoming.  Unless you're a man, which in that case, please wear pants, and I feel bad that you don't have other options.

Oh, and: I hate black.  Rain is so dreary anyway; why wear black when you can wear color?

My typical rain look:

For warmer months

Close up, sans boots

I like Target and Nordstrom Rack for trenches and umbrellas.


LL Bean 

Tory Burch (also, at the time of this post, you can find the colored jelly Reva's on various discount sites)

Let me know if you have comments/questions!  I'd love to hear them and discuss rain wear with you.  I actually really look forward to the rain, so that I can wear my rain outfits (though I don't look forward to the Jewfro)!


  1. Nice post! Love that you took pictures of the "looks" -- that helps me visualize. I am going to try to incorporate these looks into my wardrobe.